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RealMap - Get Noticed, Get Sold




RealMap is an open home guide map that assists buyers locate properties they wish to visit. Each map is custom built and refreshed each week to reflect the latest open homes. Appearing in leading publications around the country, ready to be spread out on the kitchen table or taken in the car.

How can RealMap benefit you


RealMap presents a unique opportunity gain a competitive advantage for your publication. Growing and protecting revenue from real estate advertising is critical part of your business. The inclusion of a guide map will achieve the following for you:

  • Attract readership – the underlying basis of value to your advertisers.
  • Make your publication more visible to real estate agents – It’s hard to beat watching buyers coming to open homes holding your publication in their hands week after week.
  • Keep printed medium relevant – The internet continues to eat away at your business. A printed map is one area that printed media still out performs digital for convenience to users.
  • Add negotiating tool for use when finalizing contracts with advertisers – closing deals is crunch time. Another arrow in your quiver gives your team more options and more power during negotiations and agents certainly don’t want to miss out on what competitors are receiving.
  • An additional source of revenue – Depending on the market dynamic unique to your circulation area, it may be possible to turn RealMap into a direct dollar earner as well as achieve the benefits above.

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RealMap presents a unique opportunity to gain a competitive advantage for your agency. Standing out from the competition is what every successful business strives for. Being able to point so something tangible is extremely valuable especially with agents are confronted with that question “why should I list with you, what do you do that XYZ doesn’t?” Publishing your own guide map will achieve the following for you:

  • Provide a visible point of difference that your agents can leverage.
  • Advertise your success and size.
  • Better market your vendors properties.

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Your RealMap open home guide is only available through your foremost local real estate publication. You are not able to view it through this site.
Find out where your local guide is published … [ Click for examples ]

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Your home can only feature on the map when you list with an appropriate real estate agency. Check you local real estate publication to see which agencies use it … [ Click for examples ]

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